If you are looking to build a home for a custom home builder, you might be wondering how long this is going to take. Well, the answer is that it isn’t possible to tell as it will all depend on the things that need to be included, the size of the home, any extras that are required and so on. However, a good estimate to stick with would be roughly two years.

This is the kind of time frame that you want to be looking at if you are building a custom home, and down below, we are going to be explaining why this is the case. So, if you want to know how long it is going to take to build a new home, then keep reading down below.


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is planning. Everything that needs to be done before construction begins, will take place in this stage. There are a variety of things that need to be done before the home can start being constructed, and one of these is finding an architect.

Now, you might not think that this part should be included in how long it takes to build the new home, but it is important and can take quite a significant amount of time before you find the right one.

You need someone who understands what you want and knows how to make the space work with your requirements. You can’t just pick someone out of the yellow pages, and decide that is the architect that you are going with. You need to sit down with them, discuss your vision, find out if they have any ideas for the project, and so on.

You also need to make sure that you have located and purchased the site for the home, as well as got any of the necessary permits to build on the land. Without all this being done, there is nothing for the architect to work with. And then, of course, comes the designing of the home and this could take a lot longer than you think. 

The planning stage of this process should take around 9-12 months. 


Next, construction work needs to get started and then completed. Building a custom home is no easy job, as you start with nothing and then you need to create something, so while we would say you should be looking at about a year for this process, it could be a bit longer depending on the specifications of the home.

The site needs to be prepared, the foundation and framework need to be sorted, trees might need to be removed, slopes might need to be managed, etc. This doesn’t even take into account the building of the actual structure and then things such as wiring, plumbing, insulation, and so many other things that you won’t need to do on production homes. 

Keep in mind that a task such as sorting out the roofing of a new home alone can take over a month. Then you have to install all of the hardware into the home, as well as the flooring which could take another three or four months. There is so much going on in the construction process, that it takes a lot of time to ensure that it is done correctly. 


You need to allow time in case things start to go wrong. There is no guarantee that everything is going to work out to the schedule that you have been provided with because things can always go wrong or faster than expected. It is also important to realize that like all things in life, there can be some unexpected occurrences that need to be dealt with, and these things take time. 

While we say two years is the rough estimate for building a new home, the size, complexity, permits, supplies and even weather, need to be taken into consideration. Getting all of this stuff and counting on decent weather for the builders can take a while, so you need to leave time for this in your estimations. 

Cleaning and Finishing

After everything is done, there needs to be time to go in, clean up, and put the project to bed. Make sure everything is finished to a high standard, and that nothing is missing! This can take about a month if done properly. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a good idea of roughly how long it is going to take to build a new, custom home.