Custom Home Builders Gold Coast, NY

While buying a prebuilt home presents advantages in that you don’t have to spend time waiting for the house to be built, it can be a real drag. Why settle for the house that doesn’t meet your expectations? 

You deserve to have the house of your dreams. Invest in a custom home and hire Prestige Custom Building and Construction to help bring your dreams to life.

We’re are stationed in the Gold Coast of Long Island, which is where a majority of our work is done. From Roslyn to Glen Cove, Prestige Custom builds beautiful homes in these great communities.

Custom Home in Roslyn NY

Looking for That Ideal First-Time Home?

There are so many benefits to a custom home versus one that has already been built. You get more for your money, with the average self-build costing around a quarter less than a home that already exists. You’ll be able to meet your exact needs so that you have no problem fitting your current lifestyle into your new home.

Better yet, most new builds are designed with better construction and more eco-friendly building materials. You are given a voice throughout every step of the process and will have a say in everything from the building materials to the timeline. If you want a home that reflects your personality, your style, and your needs, you should consider hiring a custom home builder.

Contact Prestige Custom Home Builders in Gold Coast, NY

Ready to start building? Whether you’re still in the contemplative stages or ready to write that first check, Prestige Custom Building and Construction is ready to start helping you make your home building dreams a beautiful reality. Whether you’re looking to build on a large, expansive lot or a small, community-oriented corner space, Prestige can help you out.

As a first-time homebuyer or builder, it can be stressful to navigate the confusing process of building a custom home. At Prestige, we have the experience necessary to make the experience not only easy but enjoyable. 

We recognize that you have saved for many years to be able to build the home of your dreams. Don’t compromise the quality of your home by setting for a so-so builder. Hire the best, and hire Prestige.

We are the Gold Coast’s premier custom builders, allowing customers to build the homes they have always desired. With Prestige Custom Building and Construction, you can receive the home you want, and enjoy the process along the way.