Here are some testimonials from a few of our many satisfied customers:

Jeremy Ecker

I had the pleasure of working with Prestige Custom Builders on a design and build project in Sea Cliff, NY. From the very beginning, it was clear that this team was a true partner in every sense. They listened to my ideas and vision for the project and provided valuable input and guidance throughout the entire process. The team at Prestige Custom Builders was professional, responsive, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the project was a success. They were also very transparent with their pricing and kept me informed of any changes or updates along the way. One of the things that really stood out to me was the quality of their work. They took great care in every aspect of the build, from the foundation to the finishes, and the end result was a beautiful new home that exceeded my expectations. Overall, my experience working with Prestige Custom Builders was exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy general contractor. They truly are a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with them on this project.

Steve Zhu

We hired Prestige to Design/Build a new home for us in Great Neck. Prestige helped us with the exterior and interior design, they gave us new ideas, and suggested layout concepts that we used on our final plans. Prestige was with us every step of the way and made sure that our project was completed in a timely manner and on budget. Leo went to various stores with us and helped us pick out all of the design materials, such as tiles, fixtures and hardware. He made suggestions that made sense and helped us with the difficult decision making process. Prestige used project management software that was incredibly helpful. We received daily notifications with photos, videos and a brief description of what was accomplished. There was a full accounting and a construction schedule that we could easily follow. This put our minds at ease as we could see what was happening every day and track the progress of the work. Prestige was extremely professional and organized. We love our house and the level of detail throughout. I definitely recommend working with Prestige and Leo. Great home building experience.

Nir Chanoch

We have hired Prestige Custom Building and Leo Golan, the company owner, to build a 5,600 sf house (plus 2,500 sf basement) in Great Neck, Ny. We felt very comfortable with Leo right at the beginning. He introduced to us one of his architects who designed the house according to our wishes, with the direction and input of Leo. When the plans were ready, we worked together on the budget and the details of the interior design, as Leo has significant experience in doing this aspect of the work too. This saved us a lot of time and money. The permit was given very quickly by the town as the plans were exactly according to the by-laws. We then started the construction, working with Leo’s sub-contractors and employees who were very courteous and professional. The construction lasted just over a year, as we initially planned, and there were no major deviation from the budget. Throughout the process, which is quite stressful for a home owner, Leo was very open and honest with us and explained each and every step of the way. He was available 24/7 to answer any questions and concerns we had.

He also helped us find all the fixtures (such as wood floor, tiles, lights, doors, windows, etc.), and visited at numerous stores with us, until we were satisfied with our selections. Most importantly, the quality of the work and the finishes were exceptionally high. The first thing that friends who come see our new house for the first time say is ‘WOW’. One of the things that makes the difference here compared to other contractors is that Leo really cares about the project. He was at the site every day, letting nothing to fall behind, and making sure that all the sub-contractors and his employees get the work done on time, without compromising on the quality of the work. Personally, I also learned a lot from Leo about construction. We completed the work in March 2018, on time, and are very happy with our decision to have Leo and Prestige Custom Building construct our house.

Gil S
Where can I begin? Leo and his crew were SUPER professional! Leo is the most knowledgeable contractor I have ever met. He had such great ideas and took the time to sit with us and our architect and designer to renovate our entire home. We remodeled the entire home including 5 new bathrooms, new kitchen, new flooring, new wainscoting, painting, plumbing etc. His guys were always courteous and kept the job site extremely clean at all times. He was always on time and never missed a day of work in my house. We were under a tight time frame and Leo made it happen for us. To be honest, Leo and his crew are as good as it gets in the home improvement world. I am very happy I trusted them and will always recommend them.

Marty Yu

Our project is a full house interior renovation in contemporary style. The architecture design is extraordinarily innovative. Therefore, the construction difficulties are far beyond traditional projects. It requires a completely high level of construction standard. Before the start of renovation, we’d reviewed and compared many bidding documents from different general contractors. Finally, we’d decided to choose Prestige Custom based on their professional expertise, experience, and understanding of the project.

During the renovation process, the construction challenges emerged one after another. We all understood most of the issues were very difficult to resolve to achieve the rigorous design details and amazing design effect. Fortunately, not only did Leo have an excellent team on his own, he also had a profound network of various high standard subcontractors and specialists. Under the lead and coordination of Leo, they had worked together smoothly and conquered all the construction challenges eventually. Although the construction period was a bit overrun as we planned, fairly speaking, this innovative and amazing design could never have been realized without Leo and Prestige Custom. Rome was not built in a day.

We highly appreciate Leo and Prestige Custom for what they have contributed to this project. Their help, care and effort, together with the hard work of architect, have made this amazing dream project come true.

Nancy Llamas

We have done several renovations in our home but nothing compared to the kitchen and bathroom remodeling we undertook this spring. From the beginning to the end, Leo and his team were highly professional and helpful to us. The subcontractors that came to our home followed the same high standard and professionalism as he does. It gave us peace of mind knowing that the end result would be exceptional. Leo, also, has a terrific network of specialists, including architects, HVAC, surveyors, etc., that not only provide needed and timely expertise but help avoid issues and delays in the permit and construction phases.

Leo visits the site daily to ensure all is running well, and keeps things moving along in a timely manner. His workers are courteous, mindful, and cleaned up every single day. As a mother of young twins, I really appreciated the extra safety measures taken to ensure our entire family was safe and happy during the renovation process.

We highly recommend Prestige Custom with no reservations.

The Creative Edge, Inc. – Nava Slavin testimonials

As a designer, kitchen and bath specialist, we have worked with Leo and his staff
on our projects.

They are wonderful professional people & sub contractors working for them. Their knowledge of construction is superb. Leo is always visiting the jobs to supervise and
make sure they do not skip a step.

If quality is important to you, we would highly recommend Prestige custom builders
to any of your future new homes or renovation projects.

Dr. Macias-Rodriguez:

Being a Texan living in NYC I was completely naive to what it would take to renovate an apartment in the city.

Prestige Custom came in and helped me from the very first steps of getting a realistic budget and design aesthetic to guiding us through all the minutiae that a newbie would never think of.

The entire renovation became fun and exciting with Leo and Bryan helming the way. Their personalities are serious but playful at the same time. They became not only professionals that turned out a fantastic product which has made it into magazines and calendars, but also good friends.

Everyone I know who has purchased a home that needs renovation, I send them to Prestige Custom.

Flora Wilson

‘It was a pleasure working with Bryan and his team as they completely renovated our pre-war apartment. They were unfailingly courteous, polite, and professional. But what really sets Prestige apart is their amazingly high standards, both in the quality of their work and in their business practices. We knew we had to hire Prestige after we reviewed the work of several contractors, and Prestige’s clearly outshone the rest. We could see their commitment to quality in the smoothness of the skim-coated walls, the seamlessness of the crown molding, and the thickness of the countertops. We witnessed firsthand how they didn’t cut corners in any aspect of the construction of our home and patiently worked with us to get every detail right, including an incident where they had to retile half of our kitchen backsplash. In addition, they strictly followed all rules set by our cooperative and made sure all work was done to code. Unlike the many hacks, con artists, and shysters in this industry, Prestige runs a clean enterprise and works with others who do the same. For any future construction or renovation projects, I wouldn’t hire anyone else. When we had a water leak recently due to a neighbor’s faulty plumbing installation, I wished all our neighbors had used Prestige as well!’

Zaskorski & Notaro Architects, AIA LLP testimonials

‘Prestige Custom Building and Construction completed various projects for our architectural firm with professionalism and genuine enthusiasm. The principals of the company understand and appreciate that an owner’s budget limitations can be balanced with an architect’s design intentions. On each project, every architectural detail was reviewed and executed with the utmost care; it did not matter whether it was a floor tile layout or a custom door trim. The President of the company, Leo Golan, communicated extremely well with the clients and led them through the projects with honesty, integrity and respect. Bryan Pierre, a company Partner, did not rest until each and every detail was implemented. Prestige’s team of reliable associated subcontractors, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, and tile installers truly complimented the company. Prestige managed the projects to make sure that everyone arrived when scheduled and kept the projects flowing seamlessly and smoothly. Each subcontractor was a master of his field with years of experience and always exceeded my expectations. As a designer, projects often require custom solutions, such as a special ceiling treatment, detailed floor inlay or a particular cabinet design. Prestige took the time to understand my intentions and artfully executed my designs. Prestige is consistently fair with project costs, and understands that customer satisfaction is a top priority. I look forward to working with Prestige on many future projects.’

H. Baer

‘Words cannot describe the extraordinary job that Prestige did with my new apartment. Your company demonstrated a standard of excellence and commitment to perfection which gave me a beautiful home that is not only a work of art but is highly functional. You paid attention to the smallest details and timely answered every question either by phone or email.

I still recall when we sat around the table in June 2010, and I signed the contract for your company to carry out this major gut renovation. For every story that I have heard or seen about “contractors,” you broke the stereotype. Your honesty and integrity was really appreciated and you met your commitment to having everything done on a timely basis.

I look forward to having you work on my next project, whenever that will be. Anyone who is lucky enough to retain you for a project will be very fortunate indeed.’

A. Gerle:

‘From the initial interview process to follow up after the project was completed, Prestige Custom Building & Construction was thorough, professional, accommodating and creative. Their number one priority was to make sure that I was satisfied. This was my first renovation project, and it was a large one, gutting half of a large loft condo in Long Island City. I didn’t know what I was in for, and they guided me throughout, helping me make educated decisions that resulted in a beautiful finished product that reflects all my needs and desires. They efficiently worked with my architect, and dealt with city and building bureaucracy calmly and professionally. They identified issues and problems with the original building construction that I never would have noticed, and surpassed even my own high standards of fit and finish. Their craftsmen subcontractors were all the top of their field and delivered stunning results. They remain committed to maintaining my apartment even a year after construction was completed, and also remain friends. How many people can say that of their contractors?’

Trini Design, LLC. testimonial:

‘As an interior designer with over 20 years of experience doing many multi-million dollar construction and renovation projects, I recently hired Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc. to renovate my 1,900 square-foot loft in Long Island City. I had a very positive experience working with Leo, the president of the company and his partner, Bryan. Comparing to other construction companies that I have dealt with in the past, I would put Prestige in the top rank. These are the critical observations from my experience working with Prestige that sets them above and beyond:

• They were very resourceful and helpful during the entire project. Leo spoke his mind, shared ideas from his past experiences and made valuable suggestions

• They were reliable and dependable by making sure that the workers were on site as scheduled and cleaned up before they left each day

• They were very fair and flexible when change orders were required

• They were very client oriented as they listened and went out of their way to accommodate my needs

• They took pride in their workmanship and did whatever it took to make it look perfect

E. Trice:

‘The last time I hired a contractor for a major remodeling project, it was an unmitigated disaster. So when I embarked on a renovation project for my new home, I committed to not repeating the same mistake twice. We chose Prestige and I could not be happier. One of the things you learn when you take on a major renovation project is that you’re entrusting EVERYTHING to your contractor. It’s not just about getting the job done at a good price. And it’s not just about getting it done to code. It’s about all those things, but ultimately it’s about being happy with the quality of the final product, trusting that the work is top notch, and not feeling like you just went through World War III to get there.’

‘One of the things that I was most delighted by was Prestige’s incontrovertible dedication to customer service. I was a client with numerous questions and a commitment to perfection. They answered all of my questions with grace and humor and held themselves to a level of perfection even I did not realize was achievable. I’ve since used them for another project and have continued to be exceptionally happy with the outcome. I’ve also recommended them to many of my neighbors who have been impressed with their commitment, service and creative design chops. I recommend them without reservation.’

M. Athens testimonials:

‘Prestige is a custom building and construction company that does everything. These hands-on contractors are multi-skilled and talented, polite, affordable, clean and do the best quality work I have ever encountered as a designer.

I was contracted to work as a designer and consultant on a newly constructed loft space in Long Island City. The time frame was tight with Thanksgiving and Christmas only weeks away. Prestige was one of several companies we interviewed. We had the best feelings about these guys and they proved us right every step of the way. They were clean, fast, and perfectionists. Accommodating a tight time frame and picky clients, they executed the job in record time with absolute excellence. I will use them and no one else on any of my future jobs. I have since used them to redo the lighting in the president’s office of a high end hair product company with smashing results.’

More testimonials

S. Tong:

‘We have hired Prestige Custom Building and Construction for two renovation projects at our condo on the Upper West Side. The first project involved lighting, installation of kitchen cabinetry, electronic window shades, a home theater system and painting. Our second project involved additional lighting and shade pockets.

Prestige came highly recommended from several sources and after speaking with the principals myself, I felt very comfortable with their knowledge, expertise and commitment.

The projects were efficiently managed from start to finish and Prestige made everything easy and seamless for me. The teams were very careful and had a strong sense of attention to detail while at the same time completed the work in a timely manner. For any follow-up work, Prestige always responded quickly. The team was very courteous, respectful of the space, neat and cleaned up after each work day.

I feel very fortunate to have found a contractor that is reliable, committed and produces very high-quality work. I have recommended them to neighbors and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.’

S. Marks:

‘I have hired Prestige on multiple occasions to complete both major and minor projects at our house. They quickly identified the problem, recommended a clear plan of action and then performed very high-quality work, while always maintaining a high degree of communication with me.’

A. Katz:

‘Prestige renovated a conference room in our office. The team was clean, neat and finished the work on time. There was minimal disruption to our workflow. The team found a major structural fault and repaired it. It was an unexpected add-on, but without it, we might have had major problems. We highly recommend Prestige and their team.’

D. Lichtman:

‘What impressed me most about Prestige was the attention to detail and the ability to show creativity in even the simplest of projects. From clever ways to maximize storage space in a closet-less bathroom to turning a dreary basement into a wonderful children’s play space to recommending contemporary color choices for a whole-house interior paint job, Prestige adds a designer’s touch to superior craftsmanship. In 10 years of owning our home, they are the only contractor’s who we have brought back for new projects. They are really “go-to” guys!’