Luxury Home Builders Long Island

Luxury Home Builders Long Island: If you are one of the millions who has dreamed of a place surrounded by luxury and character as their home, then Long Island should be your first choice. Known for its exquisite mansions overflowing with history and remnants of the glory days of the 1920s, Long Island is the perfect place to build your one-of-a-kind home.

Prestige: The Best Custom Home Builders Long Island

In our humble opinion, the process of building a home from scratch in one of the best locations in New York is the most magical thing you can ever experience. Now, that may seem like an exaggeration, but if you have ever gotten or planned to get your own home built from the ground up you will know that it is what one would call, a labor of love.

Our expert team, at Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc., know that a true home is a place that you pin all your hopes and dreams on.

Hence building that custom luxury home is a daunting but thoroughly exciting undertaking. And we are up to the challenge!

You might not have thatched on the roof or laid the foundation of the building yourself, but the amount of emotional investment in a place you could potentially call home makes the end result all the more important.

The realization of a dream, from a rough idea in your head to a physical entity, is crucial to you and hence, it is very important to us as well.

The Challenge

As magnificent as the feeling of creating your own home is, we understand that it is also highly challenging. It can be unbelievably difficult to decide who to trust when it comes to building the dreamland you have visualized for so long.

Since this labor of love is also more expensive than many others, careful consideration is required and it is quite easy to go wrong if this is your ‘first rodeo’, so to speak.

We understand the struggle and thought that goes behind an idea of the perfect home, and aspire to be with you every step of the way.

Whether you want custom home builders Long Island or custom home in NYC, Prestige can help you achieve the multi-faceted dream no matter the expectation!

Why Choose to go for Custom Home Builders?

There are two kinds of home builders: production builders and custom builders.

Production builders build homes based on a specific mold with very little room for personal creativity or change. You can perhaps choose the styles and make some changes but the size, structure and square footage will remain the same. It is commonly said that such a building process is ‘easier’ or seemingly less expensive.

So, if you can find such builders in Long Island and NYC, then why should you go for custom homes?

It is because anyone can make the ideal cookie-cutter house, but we aim to make beautiful homes. A home is a very personal thing and everyone has a different idea of how theirs should look like.

The very idea behind ‘custom home’ means that a home that will be tailored to suit all of your needs, expectations, desires, and requirements.
Custom home building is a highly engaging experience that involves you in all the steps so you can be a part of your home-making process.

Unlike the production process, the custom home builders’ process is very inclusive and transparent: you get to see all that is happening and develop a measure of trust and achievement with us.

Production building process does not give you the same measure of personalization by any means.

A home that is designed by yourself, alone, and cannot be found anywhere in the world is truly a beautiful luxury that we wish to provide you with. Long Island, as is New York City, is the perfect setting for a unique endeavor such as this, since it has a long history of luxury homes where yours could fit right in.

Know and Trust the Custom Home Builders Process

Many people out there are unaware of the advantages of a custom home because they do not know the process. We aim to nullify these concerns and make our process very transparent for you.

A custom home does not necessarily mean a mansion, it could be a quaint ranch-style home as well. As defined earlier, custom means ‘whatever you want it to be.’

The most luxurious part of the home building process is perhaps that it is based entirely on your personal needs and wants. Our focus is to enhance interaction with you, and our team and architects, so you can be our guide to make your ideal custom home as incredible a dream home as possible.

In this way, you will get a chance to collaborate with well-seasoned architects to draw up floor plans, budgets, and to truly get a taste of what it’s like to design a custom home.

Our process is simple and easy to get a hang of, you come to us with your valuable ideas and we work with you through it to make it a reality.

All We Need is Your Idea

We believe that ideas can hold an infinite amount of power and that is why we give huge importance to them. Your idea for your house is where we start from, and this idea can be in any form.

Want three high ceiling floors and a fourth-floor attic that is luxurious and spacious enough to house all of your motor room needs for central AC, and massive storage, and the like?

Great! Let’s come up with a dazzling ballroom style staircase together!

Our professionals will be happy to guide you through the process of making this a reality. The main focus of this endeavor is to satisfy your needs, and any concerns that you might have are easily eliminated by careful cooperation with our team. You might think your idea is impractical, but we don’t.

The architects can tell you the cost, effort, timelines, and estimates that will go into it, and then the decision is entirely up to you. So, in the end, it all boils down to you and the idea that you come to Prestige with!

Start out the right way

Starting out on a home-making process is perhaps the hardest task.

You might not have an idea to begin with, but that is completely alright too.

You should start with a strong desire to achieve the home of your dreams.

From there, you can invest this energy with our help and let us guide you through the process step by step. Even when you have an idea, we aim to lay out all the possible estimations, for all possible options, in front of you so you can alter your plan to suit your custom homes’needs.

Our architects fine-tune your idea and make valuable suggestions that lend great insight into what your home should look like.

Channeling your Creativity with Design

Each person in the world has their own flair for creativity. This creativity might be buried deep down but we wish to extract it and channel it into your new home.

The beauty of a custom home is in the details and these details are achieved through the designing process.

Our team’s designers help you bring out your creative side and identify your unique sense of style to showcase it proudly in your home using any and all manner of options.

Never Compromise on Quality

Making compromises is often necessary but if you wish for your home to last a long time and retain its beauty then compromising on quality is never a choice that we recommend.

At Prestige, we believe in providing you with the highest quality options, keeping your budget under consideration.

Quality is only achieved through attention to detail and we do that by collaborating with the best in the business in terms of suppliers and specialists.

Often builders will compromise on quality due to budget constraints and this results in your home needing renovations only after a few years of initial build.

Keeping that in mind, we aim to give you the best options in terms of designers, decorators, architects and craftsmen that will make your home a truly reliable piece of art.

Luxury at an Affordable Price

Luxury comes at a cost, but that cost doesn’t have to break your bank. A common misconception related to a customized building is that it is ridiculously expensive.

This might stem from the misunderstanding that ‘luxury homes’ refer to palatial mansions and enormous estates right out of the book Great Gatsby.

That is often far from the truth though, especially on Long Island, because luxury homes can be quaint and modest instead of being large and looming.

The only reason why customized homes can be expensive at times is that they might not be constructed on the developed land. If you choose to build on a hilly area, such as Old Brookville or Miller Place, costs such as paving a driveway and getting plumbing up there might increase the overall cost.

Therefore, a custom building can be as affordable as any other kind of home builders with the added bonus of customization.

We aim to provide cost-effective solutions and give cost estimations that can be valuable in making all of the important decisions for your home.

The main aim is to give you the best possible end result at the least possible price without any compromise in excellence!

Make your Luxury Home Long Island Dream a Reality with Custom Home Builders

Long Island has long since been regarded as the home of wealthy tycoons and business giants. Due to the wonderful writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Long Island has retained a mystical and lavish quality through the decades. Littered with a large number of outrageously huge mansions, which now serve as historical sites, Long Island is the best surrounding for a unique home. Building a personal residence here could be considered a dream come true for many.

It doesn’t matter if you want your home to be located in a steep hillside area, around the woods or a pre-developed area, we can help you sort it out. So, even though your dream might only sound like a wishful thinking, it can, in fact, be turned into a reality. We aim to not let your dreams be dreams, and give you a special home to celebrate life in.

Get Up Close and Personal

Often when people get homes built, they are detached from the process and after initial guidelines, all of it is handled by the builders. We believe that is a very non-personal approach to building and aim to get you up close and personal with your home. The fact is, you are the one who has to live in the home so you should be the one in charge of its decisions.

Getting up close and personal might mean that you decide all the intricate details, it also means that you have the knowledge of everything that is happening on site. Starting from the quality of the materials to the individuals working in your home, we want to familiarize you with all aspects of the process.

Enjoy the Custom Home Builders Process

We know that building your home from scratch especially for the first time ever can be an overwhelming process. There might be times when you regret starting it at all. This is why we believe that our job is not only to build you the ideal home but also to reassure you every step of the way.

Our team is extremely cooperative, quick to eliminate your concerns and to set your mind at ease. It is all too easy to give into nerves while undertaking such a huge project, thankfully we excel at what we do and our experience has taught us to enjoy the process instead of dreading it. This is why we give extreme importance to making the process enjoyable for you as well, so you can look back at your first home-building experience with great joy!

A World full of Possibilities with Custom Home Builders

There is a world full of possibilities out there and that is why we never limit ourselves to the ordinary. We can come up with a plan with you or you can view out careful selection of plans to gain inspiration. All these plans are fully customizable and can be altered to fit your requirements. Read on to gather insight on all that we offer.

  • The Basics

What kind of lighting is required for the bathrooms? Should you have a kitchen island? What flooring should you use for the dining room? Should you go for a garage? These are all questions you will ask at some point in the process. So, by the basics, we mean the basic building blocks of a quintessential house which are in fact very special. We work with you in tandem to create the most striking kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms you can entertain in. All of these come with expert advice from our seasoned professionals to give you the bare necessities without compromising on the style.

  • Functionality

Style is not the only thing a good home needs, you need practicality and functionality to comfortably live somewhere. We give you excellent options in terms of functionality and utility spaces. This way, we don’t focus solely on making it look good, but making it feel good and useful as well!

  • Flexible Floor Plans

Our floor plans are created to be customizable and flexible. There are no constraints in terms of what you can wish to achieve with them. Whether you wish to have a quaint cottage for a small family, a sprawling multigenerational house with multiple suites or an extension to the main house, we have got you covered!

Our Goal

It is essential to review the goal of an organization to see if it aligns with yours before you put your trust in them. This is why we think it is only fair to discuss our goals and passions with our customers. The fulfillment of dreams that comes with the transition of an idea to solid reality is what keeps us going.

We go to extreme lengths to achieve this goal and aim to provide you with the best experience at a price that you can afford. We aim to create your ideal home in Long Island a place you and your generations can come to love and cherish.

Join us on this Crusade of Customization with Custom Home Builders in Long Island and NYC

Having discussed the multiple virtues of custom home building, we believe the only way to completely learn about it is to experience it for yourself. So if you have been visualizing a home on the Gold Coast and daydreaming about living amidst the beautiful landscape of Long Island, we would be happy to act as the Fairy Godmother to your Big Cinderella dreams and make you the castle that you are deserving of!