For many, the idea of a custom built luxury home is quite literally a dream. Yet, those who take the time to learn more about it are often pleasantly surprised to learn just how easily they can make their dream a reality. At Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc. we’re committed to helping that dream come true. By liaising with our teams of architects, contractors and interior designers we can help you to take your dream and mold it into a palpable reality in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.

Of course, we understand that committing to a custom built luxury home is serious business. While we make every effort to help your project run smoothly, it is nonetheless a massive undertaking. However, for those still on the fence we’ve compiled this list of reasons that while it may be a long road, it’s one that’s well worth walking.

Take a look at these amazing benefits of a custom build…

Marble Kitchen in The Hamptons


Build to your needs, not the needs of a property developer

Property developers do not build with the needs of homeowners and tenants in mind. They build with profit, resource management and overhead costs in mind. Thus, a production built home will inevitably be built to the same standard and specifications as its neighbors in the interests of saving money. While this may be fine for most, it can be frustrating for those who crave a home that’s truly unique.

A custom build allows you to build your home according to your exact needs today while also helping you to pre-empt what your needs will be tomorrow. What’s more, a custom build need not concern itself with squeezing the value out of every cent the way a property developer does. A luxury home builder allows you to build quality into every facet of your home through the use of superior materials. This makes for a sturdier and more luxurious home.

Location, location, location

Anyone with even a passing interest in the property market will tell you the importance of buying in the right location. It’s not just about being close to the best schools and amenities. Location can help you to reap the optimum return on your investment, command the highest rents should you choose to lease your home temporarily or permanently and it can lead to jaw-dropping resale values. On the other hand, the wrong location can place a serious ceiling over any returns you can hope to make.

That’s why a custom build can be a perfect solution for those who can afford land in their dream location but for whom the property market in that area is just out of reach.

At Prestige Custom, we are your Gold Coast home builders and Hampton home builders. These two locations will have everlasting value on Long Island.

custom luxury roomYou can build resale value into your home

If you’re considering a custom build you likely won’t be thinking about moving on for decades to come. People seeking a custom build are usually looking to settle. Nonetheless, since nobody knows what the future of the property market will bring, it’s good to know that your custom built luxury home will have resale value built into its walls.

Think of it! Many people spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive renovations in order to add value to their home. Whether they’re installing a brand new luxury kitchen or bathroom, improving their flooring or converting their attic space into an office, gym or extra bedroom.

Not only do such renovations incur a great deal of cost they can be extremely disruptive. Imagine being spared the inconvenience of not being able to cook in the kitchen for weeks and living on take out and fast food. Imagine not being able to take a bath or shower in your own home. Fortunately, by building these luxurious features into your custom built home you need never endure these inconveniences and disruptions.

Should you decide in your later years that you’re ready to downsize or move on, you can be assured that your home will stand every chance of making a whole lot more for you than you spent on it.

custom dining roomBuild energy efficiency into your home

We all want to lead a more energy efficient life. It’s not only a great way to save money every day of every year, it’s also an easy way to do some good for the environment and lead a more sustainable life.

Once again, building energy efficient solutions into your home can help you to save money on your energy bills from the day you’re ready to move in without the need for lengthy, expensive and disruptive renovations.

  • You can build with energy efficient supplies like superior attic insulation, cavity wall insulation and thermally broken windows which are designed to keep heat in your home.
  • You can make solar panels a part of your home from day one, saving you a small fortune on electricity and making your home far more self-sustaining.
  • You can build a “cool roof” made with metal roof shingles which will provide an extra layer of insulation in the winter while reflecting the heat of the sun and keeping your home cool in the summer.
  • You can build in Energy Recovery Ventilators which reduce the energy use of your HVAC system by recycling the air from your exhaust fans to preheat and cool the air that comes into your home.

There is a multitude of ways in which you can build energy efficiency into the fabric of your home and our architects will be delighted to discuss them with you.

It’s well and truly yours!

Of course, perhaps the most appealing aspect of living in a home constructed by a custom luxury home builder is that you can be sure that the property is well and truly yours. There isn’t a single square foot of your home in which you had to settle, make do or compromise. You can be sure of a home that is as unique and idiosyncratic as your personality.

If you feel that you’re ready to make your dream of a custom built luxury home a reality, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to help you bring your dreams to life!