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House Orientation: Does It Matter Which Way Your Home Faces?

About half of the respondents in a recent survey said they felt their home was sometimes too cold during the winter months. If you want your home to remain warm and full of light, you need to think about house orientation.

Choosing the ideal house orientation is part of making your home more sustainable. The right house direction makes your home warmer and can lower your overall carbon footprint. So which way should you face your home?

It all depends on which hemisphere you live in and a few other factors. This relevant article has all the answers you need about house orientation. Read on to find out which way you should face your home.

Choosing Aspect in the Northern Hemisphere

The first thing you need to do is figure out which aspect to build your home on. Aspect is the direction towards which land or a building is facing. It can make a huge difference in sunlight and energy efficiency

If you have a hill on your property, the south-facing aspect will get the most sunlight in the northern hemisphere. The south side of a building receives almost twice the heat as the east or west-facing aspect here as well.

Where to Put More of Your Windows

Now that you have chosen your ideal south-facing aspect, you can choose the orientation of your home. The most energy-efficient homes have plenty of windows on the south-facing aspect.

If you live near the ocean, you have many things to consider. One of them is having some ocean-front windows. When the sun gets over the ocean, this side of the house will have great lighting and warmth. The same goes for a sound.

Choosing a House Orientation

The best way to orient your home has a lot to do with how your property is laid out. If you live in a smaller neighborhood, you will probably orient your home the same way as your neighbors. Otherwise, your home may look awkward.

If you have a larger property you have more options. You will want a front door facing the street but beyond that, you can do what you want. However, make sure to save the south-facing aspect for the warmest, most light-filled rooms.

What About Solar Panels?

Solar panels should go on the side of your roof with the most abundant amount of sunlight. This is the south side of your roof if you live in the northern hemisphere unless someone else’s home shadows it.

A north-facing home won’t get the same amount of solar energy as a south-facing home. If you have a north-facing home and you don’t have access to a non-shaded southern aspect, solar panels may not be for you.

Face the Facts of Home Orientation

House orientation plays a major role in how energy-efficient your home is. It also determines how much light and privacy you have. After reading this guide, you have some of the info you need. But you may still have questions.

If you need help orienting your home, contact us today. We can design your home to take advantage of the natural features of your property and orient it in the best possible way.