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The Beauty of Open Concept: Modern Loft Designs and Layout Ideas

Regardless of your house’s size, luxury features and amenities are critical to making it a sanctuary. Surrounding yourself with sophisticated design means boosting your mental health, increasing convenience, and helping your property value soar.

Read on to discuss some loft designs that can make a small space seem bigger and more luxurious!

Open Concept Loft Designs

Lofts are living spaces that homeowners build directly under their roofs. They’re generally fairly low-ceilinged but take up the entire upper living space’s width. They also need to be open on at least one side that you can access by a staircase or ladder.

Since lofts are so small, having an open concept is important.

“Open concept” lofts have no internal walls. Partitions are nonexistent. This makes the space seem larger and more sophisticated so that you can easily get around stress-free.

You’ll have more space for furniture, entertainment stations, and decor like potted plants and artwork. This lets you make your space your own.

Natural Lighting

All loft layouts look bigger with natural light. It bounces around your open space to hit every area of your loft. This means that you’ll have great illumination during the daytime and reap benefits like decreased anxiety and higher Vitamin D levels.

This can make small loft design ideas feel larger with the illusion of space.

Installing a skylight in your loft is a great way to get more natural light from all angles. However, you may want to ask home builders to create windows on all sides of your loft as well. You’ll have the option to bask in what’s essentially a tiny sunroom all day.

Top Loft Colors

When you design your loft as a custom space, experts will help you choose great colors to go with your loft decor.

Warm colors are usually best in lofts with a lot of natural light. Creamy whites and beiges are neutral tones that create a cozy vibe. If you want a pop of color, dusky red, canary yellow, or muted sunset orange are great options.

Blue is a cool color that’s great for any brightly-lit space. It’s a hue that invokes calm feelings while providing a great contrast to cream-colored furniture. 

Top-Notch Furniture

Regardless of what you want to use your loft for, including great furniture can help it perform its function.

If you’re looking for a workspace, a wood desk and comfortable chair should go in front of a window. If you want to make it a relaxation station, a plush couch or bed goes great with bookshelves.

Experts can help you combine form and function in a way that makes sense.

Look Into Loft Layouts With Expert Help

Now that you know some loft designs that help your space feel bright and airy, it’s time to begin your home upgrades. Prestige Custom Building and Construction is committed to listening to your needs and assisting you with a fully custom project.

Our team is excited to discuss the ways that you can make the most of specific loft layouts. Contact our experts to book a free home-building consultation and discuss your individual needs.