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4 Types of Countertop Finishes

According to the latest cost-vs-value report, a minor kitchen remodel can yield an 85.7% ROI when you sell your home. It will also add enjoyment and ease to routine meal preparation tasks.

Kitchen counters and cabinets are among the most popular kitchen upgrades due to their high aesthetic impact.

When you decide to upgrade your kitchen countertops, you’ll find a host of excellent materials to choose from, but you’ll also discover that there’s more than one way to finish a kitchen countertop.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the most common countertop finishes and their benefits.

1. Polished Finishes

Over the last few years, granite has become one of the most popular countertop trends thanks to its durability and good looks. Yet, in its natural form, granite falls far short of the glossy elegance we’re accustomed to.

A polished finish is what gives these countertop materials their smooth texture and brilliant, reflective sheen and reveals the true beauty of the stone. It’s achieved by grinding the stone with fine abrasives to develop a shiny appearance.

Polished finishes are the least porous of all, which makes countertop maintenance a breeze. They’re also the most hygienic type of finish.

2. Honed Finishes

Honed finishes create a matte appearance that adds charm and understated beauty to marble countertops. These finishes are also smooth to the touch, but they aren’t reflective like polished surfaces.

The process of creating this finish also involves grinding the stone, but it stops before the surface becomes shiny.

Honed stone is more porous than a polished countertop, making it susceptible to staining. You need to reseal a honed countertop frequently to keep it in good condition.

3. Leathered Countertop Finishes

A brushed or leathered finish is a relatively recent innovation. It’s created by applying an abrasive diamond brush to a honed surface to enhance the stone’s natural characteristics.

The result is a velvet-textured appearance comprising alternating matte and shiny surfaces. This finish seals the stone and hides any imperfections, making it ideal for countertops that you use very frequently.

You must clean leathered countertops with a microfiber cloth and a specialized cleaning agent daily to keep them looking their best.

A caressed finish is a type of leathered finish with an element of shine. It involves polishing the raised areas of the stone to give the surface a rugged, yet elegant appearance.

The process seals the pores of the stone and works very well for granite countertops.

4. Butcher Block Finishing

Butcher block is another growing trend in the realm of kitchen countertops. This wooden surface has natural antibiotic properties, so finishing it is a relatively simple process.

Most manufacturers finish the wood with a long-lasting, high-grade oil and resin blend that protects the wood from heat and waterproofs it. It’s easy to clean using regular dish soap and water and eliminates the need to oil your butcher block countertops.

Customizing Your Kitchen

Choosing countertop finishes is only one of the fun and exciting aspects of customizing your home. When you choose to design and build a home from scratch, you get to decide on every aspect involved.

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