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5 Architecture Terms To Learn Before Building a Custom Home

Custom homes made up 17.6% of new homes in 2022. This percentage is likely low because new custom homes tend to be more expensive than pre-built ones. It’s also trickier to talk with architects so you get what you want. 

Still, getting the home of your dreams is worth it all. And it may not be as hard to achieve as you think. If you’re struggling to talk with architects, consider learning some basic architecture terms. 

You’ll probably need a lot more than just the seven architectural terms for houses below. But this list will be a good start. Read on! 

1. Cantilever 

You’ve probably seen a balcony that has no support beams. Architectural experts will call this a cantilevered balcony. 

The term’s official definition is any type of beam that builders have anchored to one point. Still, architects tend to use this term when they’re talking about various overhanging planes. 

2. Change Order 

As you build your home, you may change your mind about a lot of different features. If this happens, you’ll need to submit a change order. This written document will inform the builders that you want a change to the original design plan. 

Keep in mind that change orders can make your final custom home more expensive. They can also change the amount of time it will take for the builders to complete it. 

3. Finials

Do you want a custom home that has a Gothic-style architectural design? If so, this is one of the architectural design terms that you’ll often hear. It refers to a decorative ornament one can often find on the top of building spires. 

4. Permit 

A permit is a document that gives builders the go-ahead on constructing a new building. It’s not a good idea to build your home without one of these. Doing so can cause the local government to issue fines and tear the existing structure down. 

Builders shouldn’t want to start building a home without a permit. You may have to wait a bit until the construction of your new home can begin. 

5. Punch List 

You should end up making one of these when the architects have almost completed building your new home. It’s a list of the final touches the homebuyers want the architect to make before they complete the property. 

So maybe you’ll notice issues like spotty paint, drywall issues, and leaky plumbing while performing your final walk-through. You can write all of these down and ask the builders to address them. You’ll only need to close the home after the builders fix these issues. 

Try These Architecture Terms With Us

Now you’re well on your way to start speaking with the experts. Just do a little more research to learn some more architecture terms. You’ll be talking your way through your new home’s design in no time. 

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