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5 Custom Home Features You Need to Have

Houses aren’t just four walls and a roof anymore. They can be much more inventive than the designs many of us grew up in that totally lacked imagination.

You don’t have to be an architect or a designer to make sure you end up with interesting features in your new house. If you’ve got a vision, we can make it happen.

Here are 5 custom home features we can put into your house that will make you keep falling in love with it every day.

1. Custom Home Features of the Future: The Smart Home

You can put this modern luxury in after the house is built, but if you want it, it’s much more efficient and cost-effective to have it installed from the very start.

From better security through smart locks, doorbells, and cameras, to total control of utilities through smart lights and thermostats, make adjustments and see who’s come to visit from the comfort of your own bed or while at your desk at work.

We can customize a smart system in your home to provide almost any convenience, and it can keep you safer, too.

2. Heated Floors

We get plenty of colder days in our neck of the woods. Why not ease the pain of those long winter days with heated flooring to greet you as you roll out of bed? Nothing says comfort like warm feet wherever you step.

And when you look outside? Break up the monotonous mountains of snow out thereby extending the same idea to your driveway. You’ll never have to shovel again.

3. Expanded Garage

There’s no easier or cheaper way to increase your living and storage space than by expanding the size of the garage. Perfect for a workshop or additional vehicle or outdoor toy storage, you’ll be grateful for the extra space no matter what you do with it.

4. Skylights/Indoor Gardening Area

Nothing breathes freshness into a custom home like skylights in the ceiling. This is a great way to brighten up any space, but it’s particularly good for creating an interior garden area.

This can be as large as you want, with huge side windows as well to make a greenhouse inside, or just a little area to cultivate some herbs or houseplants. Either way, your custom home will feel bigger and more open because of it.

5. Hidden Room

This is a fun addition that will satisfy your inner child—or your actual children—or bring that sense of mystery to your space. Sometimes these are used for secret wine storage or bar, a library, or a secluded home theater area. A hidden room is a surefire way to make your home unique and interesting and one of our top features to consider when building a home.

Build Your Dream

These are our picks for the best custom home features out there right now. Of course, you’re only limited by your imagination. We can build custom homes to fit any dream and any budget.

Do you have any must-have features on your personal list that we missed?

Let us know what features you like in the comments, take a look at some of the services we can offer you in building your ideal home, or contact us for more information. You’ll love seeing how we can bring your vision to life.