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4 Essential Tips for How to Build a Custom Home

With the median home sale price on Long Island hitting a record $620,000, there is no better time than the present to build a custom home. You should invest in a luxury home that embodies everything you want and need in a home. 

Building a home can be a big project. Before you dive into construction, you need to have a plan. These four tips will help you create a plan for success for your custom home build. 

1. Determine a Realistic Budget 

Give yourself a realistic budget when building a custom home. The median cost for building custom homes in America can range from $110,757 to $480,868. This is a vast range, so having a budget before you start is a must. 

When determining your budget, build in a cushion. Custom home builds, remodels, and renovations notoriously go over budget. Having a buffer built in ensures you can afford your project to completion. 

2. Find the Right Custom Home Builders

Who you choose for your architect and contractor can mean the difference between a nightmare and a successful home build. Choose a custom home builder who has a portfolio of houses you like. 

Ask all of your questions upfront to get a feel for their work style, communication, and artistic ideas. If you feel comfortable with their answers, then move forward with them. 

3. Prepare for Decision Fatigue

You will make every decision with a custom home-everything from countertop finishes to crown molding and switch plate design. Eventually, your brain will become fatigued, and you will struggle to make clear decisions. 

To prevent this from happening, you can use several strategies. The first is to make a list of everything that is already decided. You don’t need to worry about these choices. 

The second is to limit yourself to only making so many decisions in a day. This prevents you from overloading yourself. 

Third, lean on your architect and contractor. These are experts and can help you make some of the decisions. 

4. Be Wary of Over Customization 

There is a balance you need to achieve when building a custom home. You don’t want to go too overboard with the customization. While there are several must-have features, some are also better left out. 

When you go too far outside of unique or uncommon, you begin to make your home too specialized. This isn’t a problem while you live in the house. It does become a problem when you go to sell. 

Everyone thinks they will never sell their custom home. The reality is that most people will. If your home is too unique or customized, it can become impossible to sell. 

Build a Custom Home Today

Working with experienced professional contractors is the best way to make your custom home build successful. When you build a custom home, you need to have the right property, a realistic budget, and decision-making skills. 

We help clients create luxurious custom homes. We understand how to achieve a balance between customization and marketability. 

Contact our team today and take the first steps towards making your custom home dreams a reality.