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A Guide to Current Trends for Custom Bathrooms in 2023

As many as 45% of Americans spend at least an hour in the bathroom each day. There’s no reason that such a personal space shouldn’t be as modern as possible.

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to designing a bathroom in 2023. The modern bathroom must be a reflection of your style and personality. From colors to fixtures, the possibilities are endless.

Keep reading to learn about the many options for custom bathrooms.

Types of Bathrooms to Find Your Perfect Fit

Custom bathrooms are all about tailoring the space to your needs. In 2023, various bathroom types are making waves.

The spa-inspired bathroom is gaining popularity. It offers a serene retreat with features like rain showers and freestanding tubs.

If you’re short on space, compact bathrooms with space-saving solutions are a hit. Family-friendly bathrooms are another trend. They feature double vanities and ample storage for a bustling household.

Bathroom Upgrades Include Tech and Luxury

To stay on-trend in 2023, consider tech-savvy bathroom glow-ups. Smart mirrors with built-in LED lighting and voice-controlled features add a touch of luxury.

Don’t forget touchless faucets and toilets. This will enhance hygiene and modernity.

Interior Design for the Best Mood and Style

Earthy and natural elements are in vogue. This includes stone accents, wooden vanities, and plant decor.

Black and white themes remain timeless, while bold, vibrant colors are gaining traction. Think emerald green or deep blue for a touch of boldness. Matte finishes on fixtures and tiles add a touch of elegance.

Bathroom Materials That Are Sustainable and Stylish

Choosing eco-friendly materials is stylish and responsible. This can include bamboo or recycled glass for countertops and tiles.

Low-flow toilets and water-saving showerheads help reduce water consumption. Make your bathroom eco-chic.

Storage Solutions That Keep Things Clutter-Free

Effective storage is crucial in a custom bathroom. This year, open shelving and floating vanities are on-trend.

Built-in niches and concealed storage behind mirrors keep your essentials organized. The key is to maintain a clutter-free environment, promoting a relaxing atmosphere.

Ambience Equals Lighting

The right lighting can transform your bathroom. In 2023, layered lighting is what people are raving about.

Ambient, task, and accent lighting work together. They’ll create a versatile and mood-enhancing space.

Consider dimmable LED fixtures that save energy and let you set the perfect ambiance.

Finishing Touches for Bathroom Design

Do you want to put the cherry on top of your custom bathroom? Trendy accessory options include statement mirrors, artistic wall art, and chic towel racks.

Don’t forget scented candles and plush rugs for added coziness. Personalize the space with your choice of textiles and decor.

Custom Bathrooms Are All the Rage

With modern custom bathrooms, you can create a unique space for family members and guests.

Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc. is here to help. Our highly-trained team can understand your vision and make it a beautiful reality. Custom bathrooms are just the tip of the construction iceberg. We also specialize in other renovation projects.

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