Design and Decorate a Patio

Relaxing Outdoors: 5 Ways to Design and Decorate Your Dream Patio

Almost 70 percent of homeowners consider outdoor space a necessity.

They value their yards and patios for entertaining, relaxing, and family activities. The way you design your space can transform it into a private retreat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny nook or a huge backyard. The right furniture and ideas can take full advantage of your outdoor space.

Keep reading for 9 ways to design and decorate a patio.

1. Focus on a Focal Point

Does your yard have a lake, garden or city view? Position the patio to face an existing vista. Arrange your furniture so you and your guests can enjoy it.

If you don’t have a view, create a focal point. The glow of a fire pit brings people together. Consider a tabletop version if there’s limited space.

Other options include a fountain, garden sculpture or bed of flowers.

2. Hardscape

Consider how you plan to use the patio before choosing your flooring. It’s best to consult a construction professional for advice on materials.

A hardscape patio offers low maintenance. It can handle heavy traffic and is easy to add to an existing yard.

Spanish terra cotta, bluestone, and bright painted tiles each set a specific tone. Gravel, crushed shell, and sand work best in tropical settings. A plain concrete pad is another option.

Pick granite or bluestone for a formal look. Lay colorful tile in a whimsical pattern for a casual vibe. A natural stone patio looks great in a woodsy setting.

3. Elevate Your Seating

Elevate the seating on your patio in the literal or decorative sense. Swing sofas are comfy and interesting. A hammock feels like a vacation.

Another way to raise the seating standard is with artistic chairs and couches. Choose hand-painted canvas sling chairs, or paint rattan furniture in vibrant colors.

Mix retro and modern styles for an eclectic vibe. Paint a group of Adirondack chairs to match the house.

Create an appealing place to dine alfresco with a comfy dining table and chairs.

4. Layer the Lighting

Layered lighting helps you enjoy your patio day and night. It can make a statement and set a mood.

String lights across the entire patio. Hang a chandelier over a dining table. Put pillar candles or lamps on side tables to brighten conversation areas.

Add lighting at ground level along a pathway or the patio perimeter. Use outdoor cords and lightbulbs for safety.

5. Add a Structure

Consider adding a structure to your patio. It can be a bar, bench, ceiling, privacy wall, lattice or pergola.

A structure can add privacy or block an unattractive view. Hang curtains for a temporary wall or grow vines on a permanent pergola. Create a privacy screen with a folding partition.

Build an outdoor bar with a kitchen. Construct a fireplace with a tall wall for an outdoor TV. Position your structure for greatest views and privacy.

Design and Decorate a Patio in Your Yard

Outdoor rooms are a big trend in homebuilding. They add useable space and value to any home.

If you’re ready to design and decorate a patio to fit your dreams, contact us today!