building a dream house

Building a Dream House? Here’s Some Tips for How to Get Started

While it may be cheaper to buy an existing house, building your own is an exciting adventure that leads to a one-of-a-kind dream home.

You are involved with the designing, planning, and construction so you must be prepared to do your research and invest your time wisely.

If you are up for a challenge with a big reward then let’s get started.

Read on to begin building a dream house.

Envision Your Home

Before you start designing your home you must first dream of new house. Picture it in your mind to envision its basic design.

You can you this image as a jumping-off point. Then go look at other homes in several neighbors to see if you can find one that matches your vision. This can confirm that your dream can become a reality.

Browse a few floorplans in architectural design books to think about how you would like your inner structure to flow. If you see an open house while looking at homes, take a look inside to get inspiration.

Consider Your Budget

Unlike buying a house, building it from scratch has a lot of costs to consider. Building your own dream house also comes with a lot of surprises.

Make a detailed breakdown of all of your expenses. Meeting with a financial planner can help you determine the cost of each task like laying a foundation, getting work and approval permits, and installing utilities.

Make a Must-have List

Once you have a basic budget, think about your custom home ideas. This is the perk of building your own home. You get to add details that make it perfect for your lifestyle.

Maybe you have always dreamed of a floor-to-ceiling fireplace or a bay window over-looking your garden. This is your chance to get all the design details you have always wanted.

Think of Future Plans

Your list of necessary items should also include future plans.

Making a dream house might include an extra bedroom if you want to eventually have a baby. Or you might want to consider adding a basement for a guest room or a home office if your family or work-life changes.

Make a Rough Floorplan Sketch

The fun part of building dream home is designing it. Use paper and pencil or go online to use a 3D-layout program to play around with floorplans.

Don’t focus on dimensions or floorplans rather the flow of the house and room locations. You may want the laundry room next to the bathroom or you would like an open kitchen design.

Look for as Plot

The location of your new home will also influence its design. Plots need to be large enough to accommodate your vision. It also will be a factor in your budget.

Think about which neighborhood you would like to live in and if your design can fit within its square footage. Remember to consider outdoor space like fence-in yards, play areas, and gardening options.

Consult with an Architect

After considering your needs and finding a perfect spot to build, talk to a professional to ensure you haven’t missed anything. They will create an official floorplan to scale, confirm the structural design, and discuss building materials.

Building a Dream House Timeline

The important thing to remember when building a dream house is that it takes time. Designing is just the beginning. You will have to oversee the construction and then finish the interior with paint, fixtures, and furniture.

We can help you through the entire home-building process. Contract us to get started.