interior design trends for 2020

Style Your House Right: 5 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020

New York City is the fashion capital of the world. Not only do New Yorkers have their fingers on the pulse of fashion, but they also know what’s trending in interior design.

Even if you aren’t someone who remodels their home every year to match trends, you can refresh your home with fashionable decor.

It can be difficult to know what the interior design trends for 2020 will be. Keep reading and we’ll give you the inside look at what will be some of the biggest decorating trends.

Interior Design Trends for 2020

Expect decorating trends to throwback to the roaring ’20s.

You’ll see modern versions of retro elements, like pastels and wallpaper, come back into style. And don’t worry–you’ll be keeping all the luxurious elements of the 21st century in these designs.

Don’t try to incorporate all these interior design trends in your redesign or else your home will look unfocused. Pick no more than three of your favorite elements, like a color, texture, or pattern.

1. Bring Nature Inside

Decorating trends in 2020 are all about returning to nature. Incorporate warm neutrals like beige with pops of color like terracotta, burnt orange, ochre, and tan. 

Metal tones are also hot in 2020, so don’t be afraid to add some copper to your zen space. Incorporate these metallics alongside wooden elements and organic shapes.

Bonus points if you use environmentally-friendly or recycled decor. Don’t forget to add some plants to complete your natural look!

2. Incorporate More Texture

Looped yarns and bouclé are stylish ways to incorporate some texture in your decor. 

Continuing from last year, geometric patterns are strong interior design trends for 2020. Add some three-dimensional texture by adding abstract lamps or centerpieces.

For your upholstery, lean toward textured fabrics like faux-leather and suede. For a retro look, go with velvet.

A little texture goes a long way, so just focus on one or two styles.

3. Go Old-School with Your Color Palette

Channel the 1950s with muted pink, baby blue, and neo-mint green in 2020. Warm neutrals like beige are also expected to trend.

The stark contrast of black and white will also be a sought-after look in 2020. A kitchen or bathroom would be a perfect place to add this contrast.

When selecting a color scheme, pick no more than three colors: a main color, a contrast, and a highlight. When in doubt, base your colors to match a favorite rug or pillow.

4. Add Some Interest With Prints

If you’re not a fan of physical texture, add some visual texture with chic prints.

For those who loved the 1970s, floral wallpaper is back in style with a modern twist. For your kitchen, consider a textured backsplash. If you went with a black and white kitchen design, this is the perfect spot to add your splash of color.

You can even use art or decor to incorporate texture–the possibilities are endless!

5. Maximize Your Decor

Minimalism is over in 2020–go over the top with your favorite elements. For example, have a lot of textured pillows on your couch, or hang up ten picture frames in a geometric pattern.

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