Custom stairs

5 Design Ideas for Custom Stairs

The stairs in your home serve more than just the necessary function of passage from one level to another. They can often be a focal point for an entryway.

Stairs can also carry a design theme, or create one of its very own. Imagination is truly the only barrier when deciding on a custom staircase.

Let’s look at these 5 examples of custom stairs that can provide some inspiration. 

1. Custom Rails

The handrails can turn simple wood stairs into a work of art. From traditional matching wood rails to intricate metal balusters, you can create your very own masterpiece.

If you are looking for an airier or light feeling, you can even go with glass railings. A more industrialized look comes with the use of stainless steel. A trim, sleek look is achieved with no railings at all.

2. Floating Stairs

What speaks of whimsical and modern like floating stairs? Of course, these wooden stairs aren’t really floating, but the ingenious design makes it appear that way.

The stair planks themselves are affixed to the wall. Strategically placed lights, also at the wall, lend to the appearance of the stairs floating in mid-air.

3. Custom Stairs – The Look of Tile

When most people think of tile, they picture the kitchen or bathroom. However, tile has also made its way to the staircase.

Tiles can be added to wooden stairs to create a look only limited by your imagination. The stairs do need to be solid and able to withstand the weight of the tiles.

4. Added Storage Space

What homeowner isn’t looking for additional storage space. Custom made wood stairs is the answer.

There are a variety of shelving and storage options that can be built into the staircase. The area can be open and give a warm, inviting look with a decorative appeal, or closed to provide storage without altering the look on the space.

5. Light the Way

With all the beauty surrounding the staircase, safety is still the number one priority.

Fortunately, beauty and lighting go hand in hand. There are sophisticated lighting options that include LED lighting strips and even creative wall-mount lights to guide one’s way.

Carpet and Runners

No custom staircase piece would be complete without discussing stair coverings. Like railings, the possibilities are endless.

Stairs can be completely covered with carpet. This adds a warm touch to the room along with an added safety bonus for those who frequently use the staircase.

Runners can also be used that protect the center of the stair, but still showcase the main stair itself. The color, style, and design of the runner can be chosen to match the color of the room, or as a bold statement to complement the decor.

Style Statement

In the search for a unique style statement, one has to look no further than custom stairs. From the railings to the construction, placement, and even coverings, you can create the look that best suits your lifestyle.

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