Have you ever walked into a show home or a friend’s new house and been blown away by how breathtaking it looks inside? There’s a lot that goes into creating that effect, from the decor and the lighting to the design.

But one of the biggest contributors to that feeling of awe is the paint. The right paint colors can make the space beautiful. The wrong ones will destroy the illusion and make you and your guests want to go elsewhere.

Here is a quick guide for you to choose interior paint that’s best for your house to make you love it now and keep loving it for years.


This is the big thing most people have trouble with when choosing paint. It’s not simple getting it right, but here are a few criteria to help guide you on how to choose interior paint colors.

Custom House Paint to Match Your Furniture

Even if you’re building a custom house from scratch, chances are you’ve got a few favorite pieces of furniture to bring with you. These beloved items of decor are great central focuses around which to build your color selections.

You rarely want things to be too monochromatic, so going lighter in a complementary color or a related shade is a great way to use your furniture as a bold accent piece. If your furniture is light, do the opposite. A darker wall framing an off-white couch will bring that sense of boldness to your space too, provided you have enough light that the darker wall won’t be overpowering.

If you’re getting all new furniture, consider a bold color as a feature wall with a safer main color for the room, then choose furniture that will marry both of them together.

For open rooms, be aware of what colors and furniture you’ll be able to see looking between spaces.


Another key ingredient, lighting will dictate how dark your wall colors can be. An already dark room doesn’t need dark walls, but a large room with big windows can definitely pull it off better. Your living room with cathedral ceilings can be the ideal place to go a little darker and bolder.

Color Trends

Color trends change every year. The safe neutral colors never go out of style, so if you’re worried about resale value or your tastes are a little more conservative, a warm gray is classic.

But if you want bold colors to celebrate your modern sense of style, your local paint stores update their color trends books every year. It’s easy to get samples and booklets to bring into your space and do some hands-on visualization; this is usually the best way to make a decision about color.

Other Tips for Helping Choose Interior Paint

Have a color you’ve used everywhere for years and can’t find anymore? Your painter or local paint store can perform a color match for you. This isn’t always perfect, but it will be closer than almost any other formula they’ll have.

Color is important, but so is purpose. Not all brands are created equal, and many painters have their own preferences for brands. If you like a brand and you’re paying the painter, don’t be afraid to direct them to the brand you want to use.

Also, keep in mind that there are different types of interior paint for different projects. You won’t want to use the same paint for your walls that you’re putting on your cabinets.

Sheen makes a big difference, with higher sheens generally cleaning easier and being more durable. Put glossier finishes on cabinets, baseboards, and doors—those high-traffic areas. (Many paints are good enough that you don’t have to put glossy finishes in your bathroom anymore.)

Pick What Works for You

When you choose interior paint colors, everyone has their preferences; if your tastes don’t conform to the norm, that’s no problem. Just keep in mind that the more neutral tones on the interior paint color wheel are safer and better for resale value. If that’s not a concern, feel free to go nuts—lots of people do with their space.

If you need help, please contact us for more information on how your house design and paint can work together to create something beautiful. If you’re looking into building a custom house, take a look at the amazing services we can offer you.