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7 Questions You Should Ask Home Builders in New York

A survey shows that 90 percent of homeowners plan to remodel their home in the future.

Remodeling begins with the concept of what you want your current space to be transformed into. With all of the planning, budgeting, and waiting for this project, you want to make sure that you are asking the right questions. Asking the proper questions when you are building a new home is important as well.

What questions are most important? What does a home builder need from you to get started?

Keep reading to learn more about the questions that you should ask home builders in New York:

1. Is There Any Room for Flexibility in the Floor Plan?

This is very important because you may not be able to find a plan that you are 100% in love with. The option to add a back deck or front porch at some point should be established when you are deciding on the blueprint to avoid any surprises later.

Knowing this will also give you an insight into how flexible the home builder is and what you can expect from the process if you have any changes that come up.

2. What Makes Them One of the Best Home Builders in New York?

Find out what sets them apart from other builders. There are no shortages of builders, so you need to know why they are the one you should pick. 

If they are able to answer what sets them apart, it will demonstrate that they are current or even ahead of the local market. 

3. Can You Share References From Your Previous Clients?

Who have you worked with and what would they say about their experience? This is a great question because it requires the home builder to redirect you to someone else for the answer. 

We list testimonials on our website so that you can read about what our previous customers think before giving us a call. This helps to paint a better picture of what it is like to work with a home builder.

4. How Long Will the Project Take?

The sole purpose of this question is manage expectations. It is important for you and the home builder to be on the same page. 

Having the knowledge of what you can expect for the length of the project will allow you to plan ahead for alternate living arrangements or avoiding home on certain days.

5. What Warranty Options Do You Offer?

You need to know who is responsible for repairs if anything goes wrong with the home. Some issues are more common than others and may be covered in the initial contract or purchase agreement. 

Having a legal personnel read over the contract will help you understand any areas where it is unclear who is responsible for the fixes in the future. 

6. What Restrictions Are There During the Building Process?

Can you visit your home (or still live there if it’s a remodel)? 

It is important to know how the home builder plans to go about the project so that you are not interfering with their building process. This may be listed in the contract but is still an important area to cover before signing. 

7. Are You Licensed and Insured?

No builder that is not licensed or insured should be taking on your project. Ask for proof of these items before discussing any details or exchanging money.

Credentials are very important in this process and checking this will save you from potential issues with credibility. 

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