What Is the Best Look for a Grand Entryway?

There’s the old adage, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The foyer in your house is the place where you greet guests and they get the first impressions of your home.

You don’t necessarily have to have a grand entryway to make a big impression. Your entry can have features that give the wow factor, be inviting, and create an impact worthy first impression without you living in a mansion.

So, what makes one entryway ordinary and predictable, while another is grand and welcoming? Read on for some grand entryway ideas to make your entry wow-worthy.


Of course, if you have a multi-level entry, a gorgeous chandelier is just the ticket to make your entry sparkle. Yet, you can have a small quaint entry and still use stunning lighting for impact.

Whether you use a chandelier, lamps, or even ceiling lighting, it helps to create a mood in your entry.

Flooring and Rug

You’ve looked up to the ceiling for lighting, now look down at the flooring. No matter the size of your entry, nothing makes quite an impression like grand flooring. Whether you use marble, travertine, elaborate tiles, or high-end wood, flooring sets the tone for the rest of the space.

While you are considering the floor, you also want to consider the rug in your entry. Now the practical part of you might want something to catch dirt and moisture. But the part of you who wants a grand entryway might consider a splurge on a luxury rug. Beautiful oriental rugs add warmth, color, and texture to an entry, for example.

Star Staircase

Many entryways feature the stairway leading to an upper level. Why not let your staircase be the star of the show? If you already have fantastic lighting above and flooring below, it makes sense to also feature the stairs.

In most cases, the stairs can produce their own show. They lead to another level. Think about whether the banister needs a dramatic paint color, or the steps need a carpet runner.

By nature, that you can use them to “make an entrance”. The stairway can help your entryway make a noteworthy first impression.

Gallery Wall

You don’t have to be a museum or millionaire to collect art. Start snapping photos or visiting summer art fairs. Use what wall space you have in your entryway like a gallery.

Start collecting both art, photographs, and frames. Then use the space to create a gallery wall that will capture the attention of everyone who enters your entryway.


Consider adding a mirror to your entryway. It’s practical for one last check on your appearance before greeting guests. It also reflects the other elements that you have so carefully considered for the space.

How to Create a Grand Entryway in Your Home

Your entryway doesn’t have to be expansive to make an impression. Use these tips to create a grand entryway in your home.

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