How We’ll Design Your Upper West Side Studio Apartment

Let’s have a candid talk for a moment. Living in New York City comes with so many opportunities and perks. Space, however, isn’t one of them.

When you’re living in an upper west side studio apartment, your home renovation doesn’t just need to look great. It needs to give you as much space as possible too.

Here’s the good news: you’d be surprised by how practical your studio apartment can be with the right renovations. Here’s a peek into what our custom builders can do.

1. Multi-Functional Room Features

In an upper west side apartment, every inch matters. You don’t have the luxury of dedicating ten square feet to a single purpose or fixture.

As NYC locals, our builders know how to create multi-functional features in your room. For example, we can design a beautiful window seat that’s full of extra storage.

We can also make use of all the out-of-the-way areas you could be using. Do you have high-up spaces on your walls you aren’t using? We’ll install stylish storage to make the most of it.

2. Defining Purposeful Spaces

Another challenge with studio apartments is making the apartment feel like a true home with all the different spaces you need. No one wants to cook, sleep, work, exercise, and host guests in the same room.

Our designers are full of tricks to give you clearly-defined spaces within your studio. We use design elements, platforms, partitions, and other options to separate your “rooms.”

The best part of all of this is that it’s customized for you. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and the types of spaces you want to have at home. Our team will design your space to fit all your needs.

3. Creating New Perspective

You might have a set amount of space available, but that space can feel larger or smaller depending on its design.

There are plenty of tricks and strategies we can use to make your apartment feel more spacious. Design elements like well-placed molding and strategic colors can make your ceilings feel taller and your walls feel more open.

4. Making Your Appliances Flow

When builders originally create apartment buildings, they don’t always know how the residents will use them. If your apartment was built decades ago, chances are that the appliances we have today are far different too.

Because of these factors, apartments often have the plugs and hookups for major appliances located in inconvenient places. That can disturb the flow of your studio and make it feel more cramped.

Consider that problem to be solved. Our builders can reconfigure your layout including the appliance hookups and plugs. We’ll design it based on how you want to use your home.

The Ultimate Renovation for Your Upper West Side Studio Apartment

Your upper west side studio apartment already has the location you love. With the right renovation work, it can have everything else it’s missing too. Our team specializes in New York living and in working with each client to customize your dream home.

To get started, contact our custom home builders today.