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The Top 4 Bathroom Trends for Your Home in 2020

Are you hoping to update your bathroom this year?

When doing remodels, it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the hottest trends that are sure to stick around. Make sure your home is as stylish as possible by finding inspiration from the top bathroom trends in 2020.

With this guide to the newest bathroom trends, there is something for everyone’s unique preference and style.

1. Vintage Vibe

Many people are adding a luxurious yet vintage vibe to their bathroom by incorporating brass or gold details. This is a great way to add some unique shine to your plumbing fixtures, as well as other metal details such as mirror trimmings. Many are using this warm shine instead of traditional shiny chrome for a more modern approach.

In addition to looking amazing, this option helps keep your surfaces water stain and fingerprint-free. This is a great way to add an accent color that shines in all the right places.

2. Industrial Inspired

If you’re into modern and minimal designs, an industrial-inspired bathroom style may be just what you’re looking for. When going for an industrial look, focus on metal finishes, sinks, and vanities. Wooden accents and fun tile patterns help to balance the industrial look in this area.

This style is great for anyone who wants to fuse modern with edgy. Matte black and pops of color work great in this space, where even brass and gold fixtures can pop. This urbanized style is great for any apartment space or loft.

3. Pretty Pastel

While this trend is new, it’s sure to stick around. Enveloping a bathroom with blushes and pale pinks is a great way to get experimental with your bathroom color scheme while still creating a calming space. This color works so well with white, black, and neutral, making the possibilities endless.

Add greenery to infuse some complementary colors, while adding some life to this otherwise sterile space. If you want to start small with this popular color, consider adding rose gold fixtures to your draws and mirror trim.

4. Wow With Wood

Wood accents are a great way to add a neutral statement that is calming and so versatile. This look can work for a woodsy or nautical home and can give off a masculine or feminine feel. This is a great way to add an accent that is warm yet clean.

Various shades of wood can complement different color schemes, working for both industrial and vintage styles. A wooden sink or cabinet space can be a unique replacement for metal or porcelain.

Top Bathroom Trends in 2020

When remodeling this area, keep these 2020 bathroom trends in mind. With these design ideas, there is something for everyone.

Make sure that your bathroom is styled to perfection while also working with the design and layout of the rest of your home’s style. Design the bathroom of your dreams today!

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