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How to Choose the Perfect Lot When Building a Custom Home

Are you planning on building a custom home? The first step for getting started is going to be to choose the perfect lot. You don’t want to just build your home any old where.

There is a lot that goes into picking a spot to put your house. You want it to be in a good neighborhood and you don’t want to be near any kind of noisy traffic. At the end of the decision process, you should be able to picture your house sitting on the lot.

We’re here to help you get situated with the best housing area. Keep reading for a few more tips on choosing a lot.

1. Think Long and Hard if You’re Considering a Corner Lot

There is a lot to consider when it comes to corner lots. They’re fine in older neighborhoods because you’ll have plenty of backyard and sideyard. They’re not so great in newer neighborhoods.

Corner lots in newer neighborhoods won’t offer as much yard and if it’s in a busy area you’ll never get any peace and quiet.

2. Don’t Buy a Lot Near a Busy Road

There are several reasons why you don’t want to pick a lot that’s located near a busy road. For one, the heavy traffic will keep you and your family up at night.

For two, it will lower the resell value of your home. Be sure to look up a map of the neighborhood before you start choosing lots so you know where all the busy roads are.

3. Avoid Steep Slopes

If you purchase a lot with a steep slope then you may have to get some extra landscaping work done before you can start building your custom house.  It won’t be cheap to say the least.

4. Picture Your House on the Lot

The last step of finding the perfect lot for your home is to visualize your house on the lot. Evaluate the kind of features you want your home to have.

For example, will the lot allow you to have a big enough yard to plant the garden you’ve always wanted? Take in the sights that you’ll have near your home and see what kind of neighbors you’ll have.

If all else fails, you can also ask your builders for a little advice before you make your lot buying decision.

Choosing the Perfect Lot For Building a Custom Home

Are you trying to find the perfect lot to build your dream house? It can be a little tricky. There are a lot of factors that go into the choice such as steep slopes and busy roads.

If you use this guide though, you’re sure to find a great lot for building a custom home.

So you picked out your lot. Now you need to choose builders to construct your house. Contact us to tell us about your project.