how to design a bathroom

How to Design a Bathroom: 7 Perfect Ideas

The renovation industry in the United States had sales in 2020 topping $450 billion. It will grow to over $510 billion by 2024. When you decide to renovate a bathroom, you will add value to your home.

The possibilities for how to design a bathroom are endless. Follow this guide to create a bathroom you are sure to love.

How to Design a Bathroom

Designing and renovating a bathroom is no small project. If you take it one step at a time, it will be a breeze!

1. Gather Inspiration and Make a Wish List

When dreaming up a bathroom design, taking inspiration from others is helpful. You can find so many beautiful bathrooms online, and they can give you a good idea of what you love and do not love. Take note of what you love about each photo you save.

Next, make a list of things you need and want in your bathroom. Do you need a bathtub or only a shower? Will one vanity work, or will you need two?

Plan out every item, and you won’t regret it. No detail is too small to be left out of the planning process.

2. Decide on a Layout

The bathroom layout is crucial to the design. Think about who will be using the bathroom and how it should function. You will need to know each element you included and how big each item is.

A big thing to think about is how the bathroom looks when you enter it. Consider what you want to see when you first enter. Hint: you don’t want to see the toilet first!

Make sure there is enough room around each bath fitting. Take into consideration how doors will swing open and where you’ll need space to walk or stand.

3. Consider Finishes

If you are designing a bathroom for kids, you will want to choose durable finishes that are easy to clean. For a master-bathroom design, you can use higher-end finishes like marble. Make sure the finishes you pick work with the intended use for the bathroom.

4. Choosing Colors

When deciding on a color, know if you’d like to make a statement or keep it classic. A bathroom is a fun place to choose a bold color! If you want the space to feel bigger, choose neutral paint colors.

5. Lighting

Lighting can make or break a bathroom design. Having a window in the bathroom is a bonus as it brings in so much natural light. If you don’t have a window, adding artificial light can brighten your bathroom.

In a small bathroom design, consider your mirror placement. Mirrors can enhance the lighting you choose and make your bathroom feel larger.

6. Adding Storage

Incorporating storage is imperative for any size bathroom. Be sure that you consider what you need to store in your bathroom. Having a place for everything will keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy for the long haul.

7. Organization is Key

Once you’ve added storage, you want to make sure everything stays organized. Adding baskets and bins to store items together will make life easier for you! If you can, add storage niches around your bathroom!

Designing a Great Bathroom

A well-thought-out bathroom design will add value to your home. Knowing how to design a bathroom will give you the skills to create an impressive space. Contact us to plan your next bathroom design project!