master bathroom renovation ideas

12 Luxurious Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A master bathroom is more than just a practical space for ablutions. Your master bathroom can be a haven of restoration that inspires you every time you step into the space. Bathrooms of all sizes can benefit from trendy remodeling or an added touch of luxury. If you’re looking for master bathroom renovation ideas, keep reading for some simple ideas that can elevate your bathroom.

1. Shower Drain Reinvented

Break away from a traditional round shower drain and install a luxury square drain with a built-in catch basket that is easy to clear. For a sweet touch of luxury, opt for a narrow rectangular slot drain.

2. Lit Luxury 

Don’t limit yourself to traditional bathroom lighting choices. Pick a luxury pendant light for over the bath or light up a feature wall with a sconce light. 

3. Vanity Draw Power

Avoid visible cables by fitting your vanity draw with plug points. Keep your devices safe and get them charged at the same time.  

4. Floating Shelves

Consider floating shelves for awkward areas of wasted space. Use them for bathroom necessities, plants, or decorative elements.

5. Skylight Your Shower

Install a skylight over your shower for an infusion of nature reminiscent of waterfalls every time you shower. The effect is visibly stunning and a guaranteed mood lift. 

6. Natural Stone

Choosing natural stone for a feature wall to add texture and interest to the room. Natural stone is beautiful in natural light and under indoor lighting. It comes into its own when wet, making it perfect for in-shower walls. 

7. Showerhead Bliss

A simple way to add luxury is to invest in a state-of-the-art showerhead. Elegant to look at, these showerheads deliver a range of features that make showering a spa-like experience.

8. Bring the Heat

Under-tile heating adds to the unseen luxurious experience of a bathroom. Heated towel rails are another element of luxury as well as being a practical way to dry your towels quicker.

9. Tilting Mirrors

Tilting mirrors are a beautiful way of accommodating people of different heights. Tilting mirrors can also be positioned to make the most use of the lighting in the room. 

10. Mirror Lighting

Make your bathroom mirror a focal point by playing with the lighting. From romantically backlit options to mirrors with built-in lights, the reflective options to create the aesthetic you want are endless.

11. Perfect Porcelain

Consider porcelain tiles for your bathroom for sheer elegance. Not only is porcelain utterly luxurious, but it is also a very practical bathroom wall covering which is easy to clean, mold-resistant, and highly water-resistant.  

12. Windows That Wow

Take advantage of private space outside your bathroom by creating a pane glass corner wrap around to frame your bathtub and bathe in natural light. Floor-to-ceiling glass panes are another way to invite the outside in.

Ready to See Your Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas Become Reality? 

The benefits of remodeling your bathroom are more than merely adding to the value of your home. A fresh bathroom makeover will help you start each day inspired and re-energized. 

When you’re ready to transform your bathroom, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and see them become reality.