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The Top 2023 Trends in Custom Home Design

94% of American homeowners say they aren’t yet living in their dream home. That doesn’t stop most people from dreaming of their desired features in their custom dream home. 

If you’re lucky enough to be building your dream home, you want all the features to make it both a home you’ll love and one that’s unique and in style. 

So, what trends are popular in custom homes now? If you’re planning your custom home design, what should your plans include?

Read on for custom homes’ most popular features in today’s designs.

Colorful Kitchens

When designing a dream home, one of the first considerations is often the kitchen design. For years, the all-white kitchen has been the rage.

Now though, homeowners are moving away from the white kitchen in favor of more color and natural elements. 

Look for kitchens with more natural wood cabinetry. Look for more color in the tile and walls in the kitchen design. 

Patterned Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are not new to custom build designs. Now, though, wood flooring is becoming more complex and even honoring the wood floors of lauded estates of the past. 

Look for patterns in the wood. Herringbone patterns and two-tone inlays are becoming more popular in home design. Some wood floors even use two tones of wood as they lay the wood. 

Another trend sees flooring going lighter than recent years’ previously dark stained woods. 

Black Accents

Many designers would preach that every well-designed space should have a little black in the room. 

Black-framed windows and doors are a hot trend in design right now. Black lacquered entryway doors are currently a hit, too. 

Look for black in matte and shiny finishes in home design, even appliances. 

Outdoor Living in Luxury

Homeowners are realizing how much they can extend the size and value of their homes by taking advantage of outdoor space. 

During the pandemic, the focus on outdoor living soared when Americans spent so much time at home.

Luxury home design is included covered patio spaces for outdoor living. Custom-designed homes have things like:

  • Outdoor living rooms with televisions
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor full kitchens
  • High-end pools
  • Water features

These spaces are built with many of the same luxury products you’ll find inside the home.

Office and Study Spaces

There was a period where the home office or study might have trended out of design. The pandemic again impacted that in reverse.

Home office spaces remain an essential part of home design. In larger homes, separate office and study spaces remain a priority for those building custom homes. 

Nature Inside

As you consider home design ideas, one trend you’ll see is elements from nature coming inside. 

Natural wood elements have become an integral part of home design. Look for more oversized windows to give the illusion of the outside coming in. 

Home designers are also focusing on using products with sustainability in mind. 

Custom Home Design for a Home You Love

Planning your custom home design can feel both exciting and daunting. You want a home that feels timeless and on-trend at the same time. Consider what trends speak to you and include those as part of your design.

For more home ideas for your design, check out our blog. Contact us with your design questions or to start planning your dream home.