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5 Trendy Modern Master Bathroom Designs

Remodeling your bathroom can add luxury to your everyday routine and a nice return on your investment. According to research, designing an upscale bathroom could add up to 64 percent ROI to your home. 

If you’re interested in learning about the latest trendy bathroom styles, there are lots of incredible ideas to choose from.

Read on for a list of five trendy modern master bathroom designs to help you get inspired. 

1. Sleek Yet Sustainable

One of the hottest bathroom designs today is to use beautiful, yet sustainable materials. When it comes to your floors, consider installing bamboo, one of the most durable and eco-friendly floor options on the market today.

Smooth, colorful glass tile is not only sustainable, but it also adds a high-end element to any modern bathroom. Low-flow showerheads and other water-saving fixtures are also an excellent choice.

2. Modern Master Bathroom Designs with Technology

Whether you’re building a custom home or just renovating the bathroom, integrating new tech is all the rage. Install sleek LED lighting to save energy and bring a bright, modern component to the space.

Use voice-controlled features that can adjust the lighting or operate bathroom features for a hands-free experience. The more technology you can add, the more modern and convenient your new bathroom will be.

3. Try a Floating Toilet and Vanity

Another popular option for a modern master bathroom is to install a “floating” toilet and vanity. Unlike their traditional counterparts which are installed flush with the floor, these floating elements create a sleek and contemporary effect.

Floating toilets are securely mounted to the wall, but they don’t touch the floor. The same design concept applies to the vanity, and it helps to open up the room while making smaller bathrooms appear larger in the process.

4. Go Bold with Contemporary Colors

Neutral tones like white and ivory work well with any bathroom style, but dramatic colors will give this space a more modern feel. Consider adding some vibrant tile in the shower or around the tub for a fresh pop of color.

The entire bathroom doesn’t have to be covered in colorful tile, but accents with lively hues make a big difference. Incorporate colorful tiles on the backsplash or in the shower to create a fun, vibrant space.

5. Install Luxury Faucets

Standard bathroom faucets function just fine, but they don’t do much if you’re upgrading to a modern master bathroom. Look for high-end faucets with gorgeous finishes for a beautiful touch.

Research different brands to find bathroom faucets that are beautiful and functional in one. Install matching sink, tub, and shower faucets for a seamless look.

Get Your Dream Bathroom Today

When it comes to modern master bathroom designs, the possibilities are endless. Consider some of these unique ideas to help you create the ultimate modern, functional bathing space in your new home.

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