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Essential Design Elements When Custom Building a Tiny Home

tiny home

At one point, a large home was considered a status symbol. But now, as people tend to spend more money on experiences than property, this mode of thinking seems obsolete.

One of the biggest manifestations of this trend is tiny homes. Rather than spending money on large, lavish houses, people are putting their resources into a small, comfy home that has just enough for them to live on and be happy.

But what are the things you need when living in a small home? How do you design your home so that its small size is an advantage and not a liability?

This article will walk you through everything you need to know.

Small Storage Space

One of the key things about living a tiny lifestyle is not having a lot of space for possessions. This is because you’re going to be giving up many of your possessions in order to focus on experiences.

It’s easy to romanticize a small house without a lot of rooms, without considering the change in lifestyle that has to accompany it. If you try to fit all your possessions in, you could very easily end up with an awkward living situation — with the most space taken up by books.

Areas as Opposed to Rooms

Think of designing your home as similar to designing a studio apartment. You want to create certain “areas” or “stations” as opposed to rooms.

This is a big advantage of a tiny home, taking you out of the traditionalist, suburban idea that different rooms need to be for different activities. This will simplify the level of cleanup and maintenance that you need to manage, and help you adapt to this new lifestyle.

Many people find the feeling of eliminating themselves from this segmented room idea of life freeing.

Choose an Aesthetic

You’re only going to want to look at practical design options, you’re also going to want to find an aesthetic that works for you.

Do you prefer a more traditional aesthetic? Or something that’s hyper-modern.

You can create a tiny house that feels more like a traditional house, or that leans into the small aesthetic and looks more like a shed.

Work With Great Builders

If you’re going to make the big leap of living in a tiny home, you’re going to want to make sure that the person who builds this home knows what they’re doing.

You won’t need to worry as much about design elements if you have great builders and designers to help you plan out your space.

Build a Great Tiny Home

As you can see, there are many advantages to building a tiny home. If you follow the above trends, you will be likely to enjoy the experience.

Break free of traditional constraints, and create your tiny home today.

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