Termite Treatments for New Construction

Termites can cause a lot of problems if you have an infestation in your home or workplace. There are some termite treatments you can do during construction to prevent a future problem.

Termites usually stay in colonies and multiply at a very high speed. Leaving an infestation even for a day can lead to further damage in just 24 hours. 

Termites in homes and workplaces can get pretty expensive, and are not included in home insurance usually because they attack your furniture and other things. So, if you have a termite infestation, not only do you have to pay for an expensive treatment, but your valued furniture gets damaged too.


You can get pest control services for termites, but the best termite treatments should begin before the construction itself.


Prevention is better than a cure. There are many ways to keep termites out of your home. Below is a list of things you can do to while constructing your house or any other building to prevent termites ahead of time.

Remove Food Sources for Termites

Before beginning construction, you should make sure there are no cellulose-based things in the soil since termites feed on them.

This includes removing stuff from the soil that can be potential food sources for termites. This includes:

  • Existing woods
  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • Roots

Keep Wood-to-Soil Contact at a Minimum

To keep termites from attacking your place you need to prevent the wood-to-soil contact as much as possible. This can be done by having a concrete base to support the wood.


If the wood has to be in touch with the soil, then make sure it is termite-resistant so that it is not prone to damage.


termites in the soil

Termite Infestation


One of the pre-construction termite treatments that can be effective is to create a physical barrier between the soil and the wood. If you create a barrier that the termites cannot pass, the house or building can be saved from termite infestations.

Such a barrier can be made of galvanized steel or a concrete layer. However, many people do not find this treatment as effective because the physical barrier tends to get damaged after a period of time and fails to provide long-term protection.

Proactive Protection

Another measure you can take is to treat the soil where the construction is going to take place.


If you live in an area where termite infestations are common, you should treat the soil before the construction itself.


Some effective termite treatments you can apply to the soil include:

  • Termiticides – This creates a chemical barrier between the wood and termites. However, just like a physical barrier, chemical barriers tend to wear out after a period. This period depends upon the type of soil, the type of the chemical, the quality of the chemical, and the amount of humidity in the area. The soil then needs to be treated again with termiticides to continue the prevention of termites from entering.
  • Pest Control Service – In the case of custom home building you should talk to your builder in advance to discuss the pre-construction termite treatments with them. Also, you can talk to your local pest control service to discuss pre-construction termite treatments at your house or office.

Any method should be continued post-construction too in order to prevent a termite infestation from ever occurring at all. The cost incurred in pre-construction treatments will always be much less than compared to the cost incurred for termite treatments after an infestation has already taken place.***


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